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About us


“For many of us, sleep can be a pain in the neck. That’s why Zleep was born.”

Everything started with Rod and Cande, the first Zleepers.

Just like anyone who suffers from neck, shoulder and back pain, they tried everything: physiotherapy, chiropractic, yoga, massage, pilates... not to mention dozens of different orthopaedic pillows. They had some results, but the pain was always there, coming back again and again (we all know the feeling).

One day, they finally found a contour pillow that really helped! It didn’t keep the pain away forever, it was far from being comfy, but that pillow was considerably better than the others.

The couple then decided to improve the pillow’s design and develop Australia’s best pillow for neck pain.

Since then, Zleep has helped hundreds of people to find relief for their pain and improve the quality of their sleep.

Our mission is to heal the sleep of 7.4 million Australians who suffer from neck pain and sleep deprivation by 2030. 

So join us and let’s make our everyday better, one night at a time.