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Zleep Science

The Problem With Conventional Pillows

Conventional pillows are designed exclusively to feel soft and comfy, which might sound perfect for a relaxing night’s sleep. However, the quality of your sleep doesn’t depend on how cushy your pillow is, but how aligned and supported your body stays over the night.
 woman with neck pain sleeping without zleep, Australia's best pillow for neck pain
Everyday pillows are either too high or too low, and most of them fail to support your neck in a healthy position. So even when you think you are having a restorative night’s sleep, your neck, shoulders and upper back are actually under a tremendous amount of stress caused by that broken posture. After a few nights, the result is a series of pinched nerves, pressure and long-lasting pain.

The Ultimate Pillow Science

Zleep combines comfort with the perfect support. Created by some of the world’s top sleep experts, its orthopaedic shape is designed to fit the natural curvature of your cervical vertebrae in any sleep position*, ensuring total neck support and healthy alignment all night long, no matter how you move.
woman sleeping with Zleep, Australia's best cervical orthopaedic pillow for sore neck 
*Except for sleeping on your tummy. According to specialists, sleeping on your tummy should always be avoided, as it is harmful to your neck and shoulders regardless of the pillow you use.

Pressure Relieving Design

the scientific design of Zleep, the best cervical pillow for neck, shoulder and back pain
pillow shoulder pain framecentre cavity pillow sore neckcervical pillow support

The Benefits For Back Sleepers

back sleeper woman sleeping well with Zleep, Australia's best cervical pillow for neck pain and headache
If you sleep on your back, the centre cavity cradles your head at an optimal angle, while the raised side panels hug your neck in proper alignment. Finally, the cervical wedge extension fills the gap between the back of your neck and the mattress, providing full cervical support from top to base.

The Benefits For Side Sleepers

side sleeper woman sleeping well with Zleep, Australia's best orthopaedic pillow for back, shoulder, neck pain and headache
When sleeping on your side, the slightly higher panels at each side of the pillow compensate for your shoulder height, filling the gap between your neck and the mattress. This prevents your head from collapsing down, ensuring proper neck alignment while avoiding shoulder strain.

Is Zleep the perfect pillow?

Even though most of our customers say Zleep is a game-changer, there is no such thing as the perfect pillow for everyone - each person has specific conditions and necessities. If a brand tells you they have a perfect, universal pillow, watch out. 
That’s why we offer a 30-night money-back warranty. This way you can try Zleep risk-free. If you don’t experience the benefits you are after, simply return your Zeep for a full refund, and we will donate it to one of our charity partners.
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